Professor Rafael Perera

Professor of Medical Statistics

Rafael’s main activity is as Director of the Statistics group in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences (NDPCHS) which he joined in 2002. His main focus is the study of Monitoring for the management of long-term conditions (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, etc).

Rafael has overseen the development of one of the strongest methodological/statistical groups in the UK (across all clinical areas) with a particular emphasis on Monitoring. His group has achieved national and international recognition [NIHR Progress Report 2008/09 - Delivering Health Research]. As part of this, he is the Statistical Director of a fully accredited Clinical Trials Unit (only 55 units have received full accreditation in the UK).

He sits on a range of national and international panels and boards that influence healthcare policy at different levels (funding boards, steering groups, data monitoring boards, etc.).  He is also a Statistical Editor of the BMJ (since 2011) and was a member of the NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Commissioning board until 2012, joining in 2007 as Associate Member becoming a full Board Member in 2009. 

Rafael is also Director of Research Methodologies in the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) as well as a fellow at St Hugh’s College Oxford.