Adaptation to flood risk in China

12 February 2013

Journal of Flood Risk Management

Volume 6, Issue 1, pages 1–2, DOI: 10.1111/jfr3.12005 Author: Edited by Jim Hall, Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship

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In the field of climate change, Taihu Basin was identified as a potential location in which to apply the methods of flood risk analysis and scenario analysis developed in the recently completed UK Foresight project on Flood and Coastal Defence. The UK Foresight project had developed methods of qualitative and quantitative flood risk analysis in order to understand the drivers and consequences of flooding in the whole of the UK up to 100 years in the future. The project was not only ground breaking scientifically, but also had a significant impact on UK policy, stimulating the Government's Making Space for Water policy for flood risk management.