At Home in the World

11 September 2004

Jennifer Welsh

ISBN-10: 0002006650 ISBN-13: 978-0002006651 Harper Collins Canada

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Author and academic Jennifer Welsh loves Canada. She loves its people and its polarities, from the Prairies to the Maritimes. Its politics, however, are another story. Like a soccer mom cheering from the stands, Welsh dearly wants Canada to perform on the field with the smarts and passion she knows is bubbling just beneath the surface. But, she argues in At Home in the World: Canada's Global Vision for the 21st Century, Canada is missing the goal. The time has come for the country to seriously rethink its position at home and abroad if it hopes to be the kind of model global citizen Welsh is convinced it could be--and ultimately must be if it is to remain relevant. "This book calls for a new vision to guide Canadians in the twenty-first century, one that is rooted in our history and that draws on and develops our collective strengths," Welsh writes with characteristic frankness in her introduction. "I believe that the next generation of leaders, from all sectors of society, has the passions, skills, and ideas to craft a new script for Canada. Let's get on with the job."