Constraining primordial magnetic fields with CMB polarization experiments

16 June 2008

J.R. Kristiansen and P.G. Ferreira

Physical Review D 77, 123004 (2008) [9 pages] DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.77.123004

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We calculate the effect that a primordial homogeneous magnetic field, B0, will have on the different CMB power spectra due to Faraday rotation. Concentrating on the TB, EB, and BB correlations, we forecast the ability for future CMB polarization experiments to constrain B0. Our results depend on how well the foregrounds can be subtracted from the CMB maps, but we find a predicted error between ?B0=4×10-11??G (for the QUIET experiment with foregrounds perfectly subtracted) and 3×10-10??G (with the Clover experiment with no foreground subtraction). These constraints are two orders of magnitude better than the present limits on B0.