European multi regional input output data for 2008–2018

18 April 2023

Scientific Data

Huang, S., Koutroumpis, P. European multi regional input output data for 2008–2018. Sci Data 10, 218 (2023).

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Regioindustry trade flow data are useful inputs for economists and policy makers for a range of planning and disaster-response applications. Within the European Union (EU) whose members enjoy free trade, small variations in these granular trade flows can often propagate to other member-countries far beyond the original trade-shock. In spite of their importance, this information is either outdated or non-existent in the EU as the official databases only provide data at the national-sectoral or regional-only (non-industry specific) level. To fill this gap, we construct Multi-Regional Input-Output (MRIO) tables for 272 European NUTS-2 regions for the period 2008–2018, building on freight transport data as their main trade route across them. The database covers 10 sectors for industry, services and agriculture. We successfully validate our estimates through a direct comparison with a previous MRIO dataset for European regions (REGIO), a sub-sample of countries reporting regional trade flow data as the “ground truth” and a sensitivity analysis reporting relative standard errors well below the MRIO literature average.