Tomorrow's People: How 21st-Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think and Feel

30 September 2004

Susan Greenfield

ISBN-10: 0141008881 ISBN-13: 9780141008882 ISBN: 9780141926087 (ebook) Penguin

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Welcome to the future: a hedonistic paradise of smart drugs and virtual relationships, where computers fulfil our every fantasy, food is perfected and ‘home’ is a blur of artificial colours, images and sounds. Where synthetic implants detect illness in our bodies, silicon chips modify our brains and even our characters are genetically shaped before birth. What will this mean for human nature? Acclaimed neuroscientist Susan Greenfield shows that everything we take for granted about ourselves – imagination, individuality, memory, love, free will – could soon become lost forever. Only by harnessing technology in a humane way, she argues, can we preserve our unique sense of self and hold on to what makes us who we are.