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Programmes Economic Development

Oxford Institute for Global Economic Development

What are we doing?
We are improving understanding of why some regions have successfully increased participation in the world economy while others have not, and to inform policy debates, particularly for low-income countries.

Why is it important?

The last 20 years have seen an unprecedented fall in global poverty, much of it associated with countries becoming successfully integrated into the world economy. At the same time many countries have been left behind, which has adverse implications for all countries, not just those that are lagging. We are looking at the circumstances that spread the benefits of rapid growth across society. This involves understanding the international trading environment and the challenges faced by both the public and the private sector in low income countries.

How are we different?

The University of Oxford has world class research strength in both development economics and international economics. We bring these fields together with other fields of expertise to provide insights for developing countries and the global economy.