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Oxford Stem Cell Institute

The Oxford Stem Cell Institute was established in 2008 with funding from the Oxford Martin School. Although the grant from the School ended in 2015, Dr Paul Fairchild and Professor Colin Goding are actively involved in the School's community as Oxford Martin Senior Fellows.

Project Description

What are we doing?
Our Institute was established by the Oxford Martin School to help speed up advances in stem cell science and bring new therapies into clinical practice.

Why is it important?
Stem cells offer huge potential to replace diseased or worn out tissues to treat such illnesses as heart disease, Parkinson’s or even diabetes. Yet there is still a great deal to learn about stem cell science before we can fully harness their potential and apply these treatments in the clinic.

How are we different?
We have created an internationally renowned centre of interdisciplinary expertise on stem cell science. The Institute fosters a network of scholars working on a broad range of technologies, from adult to embryonic stem cells, and from nuclear reprogramming to tissue engineering.

Research focuses on adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells, haematopoetic stem cells, cancer stem cells and related technologies.