"A world powered by renewable energy" with Prof Nick Eyre & Prof Malcolm McCulloch

13 May 2016

Portrait of Professor Malcolm McCulloch

with Professor Malcolm McCulloch
Associate Professor in Engineering Science

Malcolm McCulloch is Associate Professor in Engineering Science and Group Leader of the Energy and Power Group at the University of Oxford.His interests are in the area related to the domestic energy sector, development of user centric demand side ma...

Portrait of Professor Nick Eyre

with Professor Nick Eyre
Jackson Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Energy and Climate Policy

Professor Nick Eyre is Professor of Energy and Climate Policy at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) and Oriel College. He also leads the ECI programme on Lower Carbon Futures. He is a Co-Director of the multi-university collaboration, the UK En...

Mitigating climate requires a transition to low carbon energy systems and renewable energy looks increasingly likely to play a key role, but the most important resources are intermittent.

This lecture describes the research of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy, on how intermittency and related challenges can be addressed, technically and in markets and policy.