'Anthropocene opportunities: unleashing humanity's shared aspirations' with Prof Erle Ellis

13 October 2023

Portrait of Professor Erle Ellis

with Professor Erle Ellis
Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland

Erle Ellis is Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) where he directs the Anthroecology Laboratory. His research investigates the ecology of human landscapes at local to global scales t...

Anthropogenic planetary disruptions, from climate change to biodiversity loss, are unprecedented challenges.

For better and for worse, these disruptions are the product of unprecedented capabilities to shape the environments that sustain human societies. Can Earth’s newest and most disruptive force of nature be redirected to achieve a better future for all of life in the Anthropocene?

To succeed, evidence-based cultural narratives that appeal to shared human aspirations for a better future will be more effective than dystopic narratives of environmental crisis and overstepping natural boundaries.