'China's Deepfake Regulations: navigating security, misinformation and innovation' with Prof Mimi Zou

02 June 2023

Portrait of Professor Mimi Zou

with Professor Mimi Zou
Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Professor Mimi Zou holds the Chair in Commercial Law at the University of Exeter. She has nearly two decades of experience as an international commercial lawyer, tech innovator and entrepreneur, and senior adviser to governments, businesses and inter...

Portrait of Professor Philip Howard

with Professor Philip Howard
Professor of Internet Studies

Philip N. Howard is Professor of Internet Studies and Director at the Oxford Internet Institute and Balliol College at the University of Oxford. He has courtesy appointments as a professor at the University of Washington’s Department of Communication...

China implemented new regulations on 'deep synthesis' technology in January 2023.

Some commentators have called it a 'landmark', 'first-of-its-kind' and the 'most comprehensive' law in the world regulating deepfakes. The regulations prohibit the use of such technology for spreading 'fake' news or information that could disrupt the economy or national security, which authorities have wide latitude to interpret. Providers of 'deep synthesis technologies' must take steps to prevent the use of their services for illegal or harmful purposes, protect user privacy by requiring consent, authenticate user identity, and label synthetic content, among other legal obligations.

Professor Mimi Zou, Chair in Commercial Law at the University of Exeter, will examine the multi-faceted and conflicting policy rationales underlying the new regulations in the Chinese context, their likely implications for different actors and the challenges that may arise in its implementation and enforcement.