"Climate change: dealing with uncertainty" with Prof Tim Palmer

30 January 2015

Portrait of Professor Tim Palmer

with Professor Tim Palmer
Royal Society Research Professor in Climate Physics

Oxford Martin Senior Alumni FellowProfessor Palmer was Co-Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Modelling and Predicting Climate.Tim's DPhil was in general relativity theory (from Oxford in the mid 1970s) after which Ihe moved into the field of ...

In this talk Professor Tim Palmer CBE, Co-Director of the Programme on Modelling and Predicting Climate, will address three related questions.

Firstly, what are the physical reasons why predictions of climate change are necessarily uncertain?

Secondly, how can we communicate this uncertainty in a simple but rigorous way to those policy makers for whom uncertainty quantification may seem an unnecessary complication.

Finally, what is needed to reduce uncertainty about future climate change? For the latter, I will argue that the sort of inspiration and ambition that led to the Large Hadron Collider is now needed for the development of climate-change science.