"Emerging healthcare technologies" - Panel Discussion

20 January 2012

"Emerging healthcare technologies - how are they changing us?" Panel Discussion hosted by the Oxford Martin School.

Directly targeting cancerous cells with treatments which do not damage surrounding healthy cells; using mobile phones to diagnose and treat ailments ranging from diabetes to heart problems; developing antibiotics which can overcome the capacity of bacteria to acquire antibiotic resistance…these are some of the new technological advancements in healthcare technology which are quickly replacing more traditional methods. As technology advances at an unforeseen pace, should we be wary of these changes and the governance issues they provoke? Or should we welcome them as the way forward?


  • Dr Sonia Contera, Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology and RCUK Fellow in Biological Physics and Nanomedicine, University of Oxford
  • Angela D Saini, Science Journalist, Author of "Geek Nation"
  • Dr Dianne Sullivan, Global Research and Development Manager, mHealth Solutions, Vodafone Global Enterprise
  • Professor Lionel Tarassenko, Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Chair in Electrical Engineering, University of Oxford