"Environment, conflict and peacebuilding: a personal journey of change within the United Nations" with David Jensen

29 June 2017

While the links between natural resources, conflict and peace are well understood within the academic community, the UN system has been slow to respond to the risks and opportunities in a comprehensive way. A combination of geo-political interests, sovereignty concerns, and other diplomatic barriers have largely undermined reforms across the UN and prevented a coherent response at the field level. However, with the appointment of the new Secretary General and his emphasis on conflict prevention, the UN is changing its perspectives on the environment, conflict and peacebuilding.

David Jensen, Head of the Environmental Cooperation for Peacebuilding (ECP) Initiative at the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), has been working on this topic within the UN system for the last decade and will share lessons learned and personal insights on progress, disappointments and the challenges that lie ahead.