Book Talk: 'Envisioning 2060: opportunities and risks for emerging markets'

31 May 2022

Portrait of Professor Ian Goldin

with Professor Ian Goldin
Professor of Globalisation and Development

Professor Ian Goldin was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School from September 2006 to September 2016. He is currently Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, a Professorial...

The event launched a book by the Emerging Markets Forum (EMF), a Washington DC based not-for-profit think tank focused on emerging economies.

The book takes a long-term perspective of emerging market economies through 2060. It highlights some of the fundamental and structural changes in the global economy accelerated by the pandemic as well as changes in geopolitics. It looks at the global megatrends, and the key issues such as climate change, rising inequality and inequities, fragility of international monetary system as well as rapid technological changes and their impact on the way we work that will heavily impact the future direction of most economies and societies. Finally, the volume highlights the fact that while many of the issues highlighted require joint actions at the global level, the current multilateral system is no longer geared to tackle them. It needs a major revamp as does the global economic governance.

The seminar was structured as follows: Harinder Kohli, Founding Director of EMF and primary editor of the book, presented the Major Conclusions of the book; Montek Singh Ahluwalia, former Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission and G-20 Sherpa of India discussed his chapter on What Emerging Economies Can and Should Do Fight Climate Change; and finally, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, Chairman of ODI and former President of EBRD discussed the main findings and recommendations of his chapter on Global Governance and Reform of the Multilateral System. Professor Ian Goldin moderated the seminar.

This talk was organised by the Oxford Martin School and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Development.