Panel discussion: 'Grimsby and Blackpool- how community power is helping them with levelling up'

25 May 2023

Portrait of Professor Sir Paul Collier

with Professor Sir Paul Collier
Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Sir Paul Collier is Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government and a Professorial Fellow of St Antony’s College. From 1998–2003 he took a five-year Public Service leave during which he was Director of the Research...

We know that flourishing communities and good work sits at the heart of good lives and wealthy societies. At the start of the digital revolution, in the 1970s, there was an expectation that people and places could transition to a new economy. Today we are reaping the grim rewards in terms of social deprivation and unbalanced economies. Levelling Up is an acknowledgement that transitions must be managed.

Baroness Valentine & Jason Stockwood join Professor Sir Paul Collier to discuss how we can help create a new narrative of civic entrepreneurship, good work and community flourishing in Grimsby & Blackpool. They are joined by Billy Dasein & Josie Moon who work with East Marsh United, a community group in Grimsby dedicated to transforming where we live for the better.

In association with the Oxford Martin Initiative on Regional Levelling-up