Happy Purple Day - 26th March 2021

26 March 2021

Portrait of Professor Charles Newton

with Professor Charles Newton
Pediatric Neurologist

Professor Charles Newton is a pediatric neurologist with over 30 years of experience in conducting studies on the epilepsy and neurological disorders in sub-Saharan Africa. Charles Newton is a professor in psychiatry at the University of Oxford, wit...

Portrait of Professor Arjune Sen

with Professor Arjune Sen
Professor of Global Epilepsy

Professor Arjune Sen is appointed as Consultant Neurologist at The John Radcliffe Hospital, NIHR BRC Senior Research Fellow in Epileptology, Professor of Global Epilepsy at the University of Oxford and is Head of the Oxford Epilepsy Research Group. ...

Happy Purple Day! The Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa team celebrated Purple Day virtually this year.

Hear our Lead Researchers, Professors Charles Newton (University of Oxford), Arjune Sen (University of Oxford), Ley Sander (University College London) and Helen Cross (University College London), discuss how the Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa research project strives to improve epilepsy diagnosis and treatment in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.