"How can we achieve a sustainable future for the global oceans?" with Prof Richard Bailey, Prof Catherine Redgwell & Prof Alex Rogers

09 May 2016

Portrait of Professor Catherine Redgwell

with Professor Catherine Redgwell
Chichele Professor of Public International Law

Catherine Redgwell is Chichele Professor of Public International Law and fellow of All Souls College, and Lead Researcher of the Oxford Martin Programme on Sustainable Oceans; Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Plastics and the Oxford Geoengine...

Portrait of Professor Richard Bailey

with Professor Richard Bailey
Professor of Environmental Systems

Richard Bailey is a Professor in the School of Geography and the Environment, and Tutorial Fellow and Dean, at St Catherine's College; he is also an Oxford Martin Senior Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School an...

The world’s oceans are a global commons that provide a wealth of services vital to human and societal wellbeing. As global demands on these services increase, and pressure grows from multiple threats such as climate change, pollution, and resource extraction, we examine some of the tools and approaches that may prove useful in designing a sustainable future for our oceans.

The lecture will introduce the work of the Oxford Martin Programme on Sustainable Oceans and the novel approach it is taking to management of the oceans.