"Humans need not apply: a guide to wealth and work in the age of artificial intelligence" with Jerry Kaplan

17 November 2015

Humans Need Not Apply is a call to arms for the age of artificially intelligent machines. The robots are coming, but whether they will be working on behalf of society or a small cadre of the super-rich is very much in doubt.

Without adjustments to our economic system and regulatory policies, entrepreneur and technical innovator, Jerry Kaplan argues we may be in for an extended period of social turmoil. Widespread poverty against a backdrop of escalating comfort and wealth is not just the stuff of science fiction dystopias, but a very real risk for our future. Kaplan proposes innovative, free-market adjustments to our economic system and social policies to avoid an extended period of social turmoil, delivering a timely and accessible analysis of the promise and perils of artificial intelligence.