Panel Discussion 'Adaptation limits and prospects for people and ecosystems: findings from the IPCC (WGII) report’

11 May 2022

Portrait of Dr Marco Springmann

with Dr Marco Springmann
Senior Researcher on Environment and Health

Marco Springmann is a senior researcher at the Environmental Change Institute. He is interested in the health, environmental, and economic dimensions of the global food systems. He often uses systems models to provide quantitative estimates on food-r...

Portrait of Professor Amanda Power

with Professor Amanda Power
Sullivan Clarendon Associate Professor in History

Amanda Power is an historian of religion, power and intellectual life in medieval Europe. She has been involved in developing the field of global medieval history, and new approaches to historical study that speak to the concerns of the mounting clim...

The IPCC WG1 has already established that human-induced global warming has reached over 1C and is continuing to rise, demonstrating that climate change is not only a threat in the future, but also right now.

Now, the IPCC WG2 report extensively assesses the ‘widespread adverse impacts and related losses and damages to nature and people’ that we are seeing as a result.

How are people vulnerable to these changes, and how does this vary? How well/poorly are we adapting to current impacts, and are there limits to what we can adapt to? What might a simultaneously adaptive and mitigative development approach look like, and how fast is the window closing for taking such an approach?

Join us as Oxford's Climate Research Network and the Oxford Martin School host a panel of IPCC authors to address those questions, and more. This is an opportunity to learn about the latest information that will form the foundation of development over the coming years, directly from those most closely involved in synthesising the global understanding of the problems we face.


  • Dr Lisa Schipper, Environmental Social Science Research Fellow, Environmental Change Institute
  • Dr Nicola Stevens, Trapnell Fellow for African Environments, Environmental Change Institute
  • Dr Constance McDermott, Jackson Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Land Use and Environmental Change, Environmental Change Institute
  • Dr Amanda Power, Sullivan Clarendon Associate Professor in History, Faculty of History
  • Dr Marco Springmann, Senior Researcher on Environment and Health, Environmental Change Institute (Chair)

This talk is in conjunction with the Oxford Climate Research Network.