IQ2 Panel Discussion: The World in 2050

22 September 2009

Portrait of Professor Ian Goldin

with Professor Ian Goldin
Professor of Globalisation and Development

Professor Ian Goldin was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School from September 2006 to September 2016. He is currently Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, a Professorial...

Portrait of Professor Sarah Harper

with Professor Sarah Harper
Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Sarah is Clore Professor of Gerontology at the University of Oxford, a Fellow at University College, and the Founding Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. Sarah served on the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, whi...

Portrait of Professor Malcolm McCulloch

with Professor Malcolm McCulloch
Professor of Energy Systems

Malcolm McCulloch is a Professor of Energy Systems and Group Leader of the Energy and Power Group at the University of Oxford. His interests are in the area related to the domestic energy sector, development of user centric demand side management tec...

What kind of world will we inhabit 40 years from now? What moral codes will we live by? We've tended to leave these enormous questions to science fiction but time travel isn't essential. In this fascinating evening of talks the scientific experts of the 21st Century School will reveal - sometimes to an alarming degree - just how much we already know about the world in 2050.