'Is conservation working?' with Prof Julia Jones

28 November 2023

Portrait of Professor Julia Jones

with Professor Julia Jones
Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Julia Jones is Professor of Conservation Science at Bangor University and the Prince Bernhard Chair of International Nature Conservation at Utrecht University. This term she is a visiting fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Biodiversity and So...

We are living through a nature crisis.

As a result a wide range of conservation interventions are being implemented with the intention of slowing the loss of biodiversity. But is conservation effective? How do we know?

Drawing on studies from the local to the global scale, this talk will explore the impacts of a range of approaches to conservation (including protected areas, biodiversity offsets and conservation agreements) on a range of outcomes (species populations, forest cover and human wellbeing). Professor Julia Jones, Professor of Conservation Science, will discuss the methods currently used to evaluate the impact of conservation interventions and how these need to change to ensure conservation can be as effective, and crucially cost effective, as possible.