Leapfrogging urban development: navigating resource competition and low carbon transitions

01 February 2019

This talk is organised by the Oxford Water Network

The urgency of limiting global warming to under 2C has been emphasized by the recent rulebook at COP24 in Katowice. This comes after the release of the IPCC special report on impacts of 1.5C which identifies pathways for accelerated action to limit global warming and address resource competition through changes in multiple areas including: energy, water, land use and ecosystems, urban and infrastructure, and industry. Global south cities are growing fast but much of the urban landscape is yet to be built especially in Africa. Global south cities have shown signals of practical solutions to low emissions, resource competition and sustainability and thus can provide lead in global transition addressing climate change, reducing disaster risk and navigating competition for land and water while addressing development deficits. This talk will explore opportunities of leapfrogging urban development in African cities in context of the Paris Agreement, UNFCC Rules book, SDGs and Sendai framework for risk reduction through integration of the sectors for inclusiveness and resilient cities.