'The promise and peril of AI in criminal justice' with U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco

15 February 2024

Portrait of Sam Daws

with Sam Daws
Senior Advisor

Sam Daws is Senior Advisor to the Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative, and has worked for 35 years in multilateral diplomacy. He served as First Officer to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in New York, and advised the British Prime Minister on the ...

Join the Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative for remarks and moderated conversation with the U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco on the promise and peril of artificial intelligence.

The Deputy Attorney General discusses what the U.S. Department of Justice is doing to harness the benefits of AI in fulfilling its mission to uphold the rule law, keep the United States safe, and protect civil rights. She also discusses how AI lowers barriers for criminal actors and adversaries across a broad range of threats impacting elections and other foundational issues, and the guiding principles informing the Justice Department's approach to the AI challenge.

A moderated panel follows the talk, with Sam Daws (Department of Politics and International Relations) and Aaron Maniam (Blavatnik School of Government).