"Moral outrage in the digital age" with Prof Molly Crockett

18 May 2017

Portrait of Professor Molly Crockett

with Professor Molly Crockett
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Dr Molly Crockett is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yale University and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics. Prior to joining Yale, Dr Crockett was a faculty member at the University of Oxford's Department o...

Humans reliably respond to insult and injury with moral outrage. Judging and punishing others for wrongdoing can deter future harms and promote group cooperation, but can also exacerbate social divides and escalate into destructive cycles of retaliation. This behaviour evolved in the context of small foraging groups, but is now widespread in massive online communities.

In this talk Professor Molly Crockett, Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology, will explore how digital media changes the costs and benefits of moral outrage and its implications for social cohesion.