"Nanotube-packed pills could target cancer directly" with Dr Sonia Trigueros

30 April 2015

Portrait of Dr Sonia Trigueros

with Dr Sonia Trigueros
Senior Research Associate

Oxford Martin Senior Alumni Fellow“Nanotechnology is a new exciting field that has the potential to transform the way that medical and healthcare solutions are being developed.” Dr Sonia Trigueros Dr Trigueros was Co-director of the Oxford Martin Pro...

Chemotherapy could one day be replaced by high-tech pills that directly target cancerous cells. New research into nanotechnology is looking to tackle huge problems on a tiny scale.

Sonia Trigueros, co-director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology at Oxford University, has been working with a team of chemists, physicists and engineers to coat nanotubes in drugs, wrap them in protective DNA and use them to kill cancer. Trigueros' work has been inspired by taking on cancer at its own nano scale.