"National ‘fair shares’ in GHG mitigation, international environmental law & climate litigation" - Panel discussion

21 October 2021

Portrait of Professor Lavanya Rajamani

with Professor Lavanya Rajamani
Professor of International Environmental Law

Lavanya Rajamani is a Professor of International Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, and Yamani Fellow in Public International Law, St Peter's College, Oxford. She was formerly a Professor at the Centre for Policy Research, New ...

This event discusses the findings of a recent inter-disciplinary Climate Policy paper that uses the principles of international environmental law to select criteria to determine 'national fair shares' in GHG mitigation. Fair share ranges consistent with international environmental law principles offer a benchmark for existing and new nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement, for peer-to-peer comparisons, and to feed into the global stock takes. Such fair share ranges can also inform climate litigation in which the adequacy of national contributions, and thus a state’s fair share, is at issue.

The authors of this article present the paper and leading climate litigators will reflect on the implications of this research for ongoing climate litigation before national courts and the European Court of Human Rights.