Not Without Hope: An Intelligent Future for Life on Earth

10 March 2011

In a fascinating lecture that reimagines the history of earth, from its earliest origins to our present global civilization, Tim Flannery tells a remarkable story that shows the awesome hand of nature and the transformative power of ideas. The challenge we now face is to sustain our fragile hold on life. Providing a manifesto to guide effective thinking for a sustainable future, Flannery argues that our fate is in our own hands... Flannery was named Australian of the Year in 2007 and is presently a professor at Macquarie University. He is also the chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international climate change awareness group. His controversial views on shutting down conventional coal fired power stations for electricity generation in the medium term are frequently cited in the media. Flannery has held various academic positions throughout his career including Professor at the University of Adelaide, director of the South Australian Museum in Adelaide, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum, Visiting Chair in Australian Studies at Harvard University in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and an adviser on environmental issues to the Australian Federal Parliament.