Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade

17 October 2016

Portrait of Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland

with Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland
Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

Before joining the University of Oxford in November 2015, E.J. was Professor of Conservation Science at Imperial College London for 15 years, before which she held positions in Resource Economics and Mathematical Ecology at Oxford, Imperial and Warwi...

Portrait of Professor Joss Wright

with Professor Joss Wright
Senior Research Fellow

Joss Wright is a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where his research focuses on the measurement and analysis of internet censorship, and on the design of privacy enhancing technologies. More broadly, Joss...

A new programme at the Oxford Martin School brings together academics from conservation science, social intervention and cybersecurity to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.

The first research hub of its kind focused on this issue, the Oxford Martin Programme on the Illegal Wildlife Trade will develop new approaches to addressing the trade in illegal products, which is fuelled by rising wealth and social change and facilitated by the growth of the internet. Focusing on consumer behaviour and motivations, the team will collaborate with governments and conservation organisations on the ground to create, test, implement and evaluate the impact of real-world intervention strategies.