"Radical abundance: how a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization" by Dr Eric Drexler

23 January 2014

Eric Drexler about his book Radical Abundance: How a revolution in nanotechnology will change civilization.

Eric shows how rapid progress in the molecular sciences will enable the development of high-throughput atomically precise manufacturing, a technology with the power to produce radically more of what people want, and at a radically lower cost. The result will shake the foundations of our economy and our relationship to Earth’s environment, enabling us to make products of all sorts cleanly, inexpensively, and on a global scale. Radical Abundance allows us to envision a world where high-performance solar arrays cost no more than cardboard and aluminum foil, and billion-processor tablet computers cost about the same. Radical Abundance describes a world on a path to an unexpected future, and raises key questions about implications for global problems and global governance.