"Replaced by robots? The challenges and opportunities of automation for the workforce" with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

14 March 2014

Portrait of Professor Michael Osborne

with Professor Michael Osborne
Dyson Associate Professor in Machine Learning

Michael A Osborne (DPhil Oxon) is an expert in the development of machine intelligence in sympathy with societal needs. His work on robust and scalable inference algorithms in Machine Learning has been successfully applied in diverse and challenging...

Portrait of Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

with Dr Carl Benedikt Frey
Oxford Martin Citi Fellow

Carl Benedikt Frey is Oxford Martin Citi Fellow at Oxford University where he directs the programme on Technology & Employment at the Oxford Martin School. He is author of The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor and Power in the Age of Automation. Af...

Will you one day lose your job to a robot, or even an algorithm? A recent working paper, 'The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?', found that nearly half of US jobs could be susceptible to computerisation over the next two decades. So as technology races ahead, will low-skilled workers need to retrain in order to remain part of the workforce?