"Rich and poor: a cause for social unrest?" at the Oxford Literary Festival 2015

30 March 2015

Portrait of Professor Ian Goldin

with Professor Ian Goldin
Professor of Globalisation and Development

Professor Ian Goldin was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School from September 2006 to September 2016. He is currently Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, Senior Fellow at the Oxford Martin School, a Professorial...

This roundtable is part of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2015, the Oxford Martin School is the Festival Ideas Partner

John Kampfner and Katrine Marçal discuss the growing gap between rich and poor and its implications for society, chaired by Professor Ian Goldin.

Is it morally justified to allow the creation of a 'super rich' that leave the rest behind? Is the growing gap between rich and poor actually holding back wider economic growth and financial wellbeing? Could it be a cause of social unrest? And what can we do to address the gap between rich and poor?

This panel event is one of a series of roundtable talks and audience question time hosted by the Oxford Martin School.