"Safe, effective and affordable healthcare for a bulging population" by Prof Robyn Norton

16 November 2011

Seminar by Professor Robyn Norton, part of the "Is the Planet Full" Series

The successes of the past century in reducing childhood mortality and eradicating many infectious diseases have contributed to growing numbers in the population reaching adolescence and middle age - not only in high income countries but also in low and middle-income countries. Concurrently, this population growth has been accompanied by increasing numbers engaging in unhealthy behaviour, such as smoking, reduced physical activity and overeating. Such behaviour has led to overweight and obesity, thus contributing to growing numbers of people sustaining chronic diseases. Providing safe, effective and affordable healthcare to manage these chronic conditions, not only for those in high income countries but also for those in low and middle-income countries, is a significant challenge for governments globally and an opportunity for innovative minds to find practicable solutions.