The Stigmatisation of Illness in sub-Saharan Africa - IF Festival, University of Oxford 2020

10 February 2021

Portrait of Professor Arjune Sen

with Professor Arjune Sen
Professor of Global Epilepsy

Professor Arjune Sen is appointed as Consultant Neurologist at The John Radcliffe Hospital, NIHR BRC Senior Research Fellow in Epileptology, Professor of Global Epilepsy at the University of Oxford and is Head of the Oxford Epilepsy Research Group. ...

Portrait of Dr Sloan Mahone

with Dr Sloan Mahone
Associate Professor of the History of Medicine at Oxford University

Dr Sloan Mahone is Associate Professor of the History of Medicine at Oxford University. She specialises in the history of psychiatry and neurology in Africa as well as the history of medicine and psychiatry globally. She is based at the Oxford Centre...

How does stigma impact the treatment pathway in Africa and across the world? Many people with mental and neurological disorders do not receive the diagnosis and treatment they require in order to improve their quality of life.

From the University of Oxford and Newcastle University, Professors Arjune Sen, Sloan Mahone, Richard Walker and Mary Bitta discuss their experiences with stigma as clinicians and researchers.