"Transforming drug discovery – the pathway to innovation"

02 February 2018

Portrait of Professor Chas Bountra

with Professor Chas Bountra
Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation

Professor Chas Bountra is Professor of Translational Medicine and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Oxford. He is Professor of Translational Medicine in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine and Associate Member of the De...

Portrait of Dr Wen Hwa Lee

with Dr Wen Hwa Lee
Chief Executive Officer, Action Against AMD

Dr Lee is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist at Action Against Age-Related Macular Degeneration, a research charity focused on tackling the leading cause of legal blindness in the developed world at its earliest stages with max...

Portrait of Dr Nick Scott-Ram MBE

with Dr Nick Scott-Ram MBE
VP Strategic and Commercial Development, Sensyne Health

Dr Nick Scott-Ram is Director of Commercial Development at the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) where he is responsible for working with industry, the NHS and academic partners to commercialise new innovations in the digital, medtech, di...

Portrait of Colin Bennett

with Colin Bennett
Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Colin Bennett is a Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines from July 2017. He is also appointed Alan Tayler Advisory Fellow (Mathematics) by the University of Oxford He is non-executive chairman at the bio-technology ...

Immense ingenuity and unprecedented levels of funding are available for drug discovery, yet pharmaceutical research and development is failing to produce the medicines society requires. New organisational models of drug discovery are clearly needed, and members of the Oxford Martin Programme on Affordable Medicines will contend that open science approaches represent a promising path forward.