"Well fed? The health and environmental implications of our food choices" with Prof Susan Jebb, Dr Tara Garnett & Prof Mike Rayner

07 November 2014

Portrait of Dr Tara Garnett

with Dr Tara Garnett
Director of Table

Tara is the Director of Table, which sets out the evidence, assumptions, and values underpinning different viewpoints on food systems controversies. Table is a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Wageningen University & Research and t...

Portrait of Professor Mike Rayner

with Professor Mike Rayner
Professor of Population Health

Mike Rayner’s research interests lie in public health promotion, contributing to the development of effective methods for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. His group carries out research in several areas, including: diet and nutrition...

Portrait of Professor Susan Jebb

with Professor Susan Jebb
Professor of Diet and Population Health

Professor Jebb co-leads the Wellcome Trust-funded LEAP project. As a nutrition scientist her research interests are focused on how what we eat affects the risk of gaining weight or becoming obese and the interventions that might be effective to help ...

Non-fat, low-fat, saturated fat, trans fats, healthy fats - in an era where we seem to be constantly bombarded with often conflicting messages about our diets, is all this information actually making us any healthier? How can we cut through media hysteria and make wise choices about the food we eat, and what impact do our consumption habits have, not just on our own health but that of the planet?