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What is The Oxford Martin school?

No other university in the world hosts a research organisation like the Oxford Martin School.

Humanity stands at a crossroads; the sheer speed of change across sectors and systems, including technology, population, health and climate, means that we now have the power to destroy possibilities for future generations. Equally, we have the potential to dramatically improve the wellbeing of people across the planet.

It is this combination of urgency and optimism that characterises all our work at the Oxford Martin School.

Our academics work across more than 30 solutions-focused, pioneering research programmes that cut across disciplines to find solutions to the world's most urgent challenges. From renewable energy to ocean sustainability, and from the future of work to tackling inequality, we foster ground-breaking collaborations between researchers working at the frontiers of knowledge. The unifying theme is that the research must be of the highest academic calibre, tackle issues of global significance, and could not have been undertaken without our support.

Underpinning all our research is the need to translate academic excellence into real-world impact, from innovations in science, medicine and technology, through to expert advice and policy recommendations.

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Founded through vision & generosity

"We can make any kind of world we want"
- Dr James Martin

The Oxford Martin School was founded in 2005. It was made possible through the vision and generosity of Dr James Martin (1933-2013), who established the school with the largest benefaction made to Oxford in its history.

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Jim Martin courtesy Oxford Martin School

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Development and Partnerships

The Oxford Martin School brings together a vibrant community of scholars, drawn from across the University of Oxford. All of our research tackles issues of global significance, with teams working to have an impact beyond academia.

Partnerships are essential to the success of our work and we are lucky to number organisations as diverse as The Nature Conservancy, Citi and The Rockefeller Foundation among our active partners.

The School seeks to raise further support for new and existing programmes, as well as opportunities to leverage the influence of partners to increase the impact of our research. Supporters and partners, from the philanthropic or corporate sectors, are a vital part of our success. We are always interested in discussing possible support for existing programmes, as well as exploring new projects and collaborations that draw on expertise from across Oxford and beyond.

Please contact Julian Laird, Head of Policy and Development, on +44(0)1865 287356, or at julian.laird@oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk