Building back better - lessons and opportunities from the COVID-19 pandemic

Event Series

06 July 2020, 5:00pm 13 October 2020 - 6:00pm

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As COVID-19 affects every aspect of our lives across the world, what does the future hold? What changes will this experience bring to the way we work, study and play, the way we organise our cities and our economies, the way we use technology and our relationship with the natural world.

We will host a series of events to look at the varied impacts of the virus and explore how we can ensure that the world learns the right lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, and that we seize the opportunities that it does present to build back better.

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In this series:

06 July 2020
Prof Phil Howard & Nicola Aitken in conversation: "Lie machines: misinformation in a Post-COVID world"

13 July 2020
Prof Chris Dye & Prof David Heymann in conversation: "Preventing and controlling pandemics: from SARS to COVID-19"

15 July 2020
Prof Joseph Stiglitz & Prof Ian Goldin in conversation: "Policies for the post-COVID world"

21 July 2020
Prof Colin Mayer, Sir Paul Collier & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Reforming the UK financial system to promote regional development in post-COVID Britain"

17 September 2020
Prof Benno Ndulu, Prof Stefan Dercon & Prof Ricardo Soares de Oliveira in conversation: “COVID-19 in Africa: crisis and opportunity?”

22 September 2020
Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland & Prof Sir Charles Godfray in conversation: "Resetting our relationship with nature in a post-COVID world"

13 October 2020
Prof Mariana Mazzucato & Prof Sir Charles Godfray in conversation: "The big failure of small government: COVID-19 and public sector capacity"