CABDyN Seminars

Event Series

12 May 2009, 1:00am 30 November 2010 - 1:00am

In this series:

23 October 2007
Seminar: Professor László Pólos, "The Emergence of Classification Schemata"

30 October 2007
Seminar: Dr Mason Porter, "Complex Networks: From U.S. College Football to Congress"

13 November 2007
Seminar: Professor Maxi San Miguel, "Cultural globalization-polarization transition, cultural drift, co-evolution and group formation"

20 November 2007
Seminar: Professor Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, "Modelling the Frequency and Severity of Terrorism"

27 November 2007
Seminar : Alex Ng, "Improving Network Robustness by Structural Evolution: from MST to Robust Network"

20 May 2008
Seminar: Professor Julian Hunt, "Systems modelling approaches for making and exploring decisions"

21 October 2008
Seminar: Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, "The Tangled Nature Model of Biological Emergence: How Far Can One Go by Using a Minimalist Model of Co-Evolution?"

28 October 2008
Seminar: Dr Tobias Galla, "Stability, Complexity and Diversity in Random Replicator Models of Ecology and Evolutionary Game Theory"

04 November 2008
Seminar: Dr Meredith Rolfe, "Voting Together: how social networks affect the emergent norm of voter turnout"

11 November 2008
Seminar: Dr Ken Kahn, "Modelling4All - A 'Flickr' for Computer Modelling"

18 November 2008
Seminar: Mark Rogers, "The Business Value of Understanding Networks of Conversations"

25 November 2008
Seminar: Dr Daniel Stouffer, "An understanding of food-web persistence from local to global scales"

27 January 2009
Seminar: Professor Shlomo Havlin, "Statistical Physics and Complex Networks"

10 February 2009
Seminar: Dr Peter Dodd, "Some Offbeat Approaches to Epidemics on Networks"

17 February 2009
Seminar: Dr Marc Barthelemy, "Microdynamics in Stationary Networks: Empirical Results and Modelling"

18 March 2009
Seminar: Dr Vittoria Colizza, "Do the rich really take it all?"

12 May 2009
Seminar: Dr Owen Lewis, “Quantitative Foodwebs as Tools for Ecologists”

26 May 2009
Seminar: Professor Geoffrey West, "Size Matters: Growth, Innovation, Economies of Scale and the Pace of Life from Cells to Cities and Corporations"

02 June 2009
Seminar: Dr Colm Connaughton, "Runaway Growth in the Coagulation Equation Revisited"

16 November 2010
Seminar: Dr Béla Nagy, "Predicting Technological Progress"