Seminar: Mark Rogers, "The Business Value of Understanding Networks of Conversations"

Past Event

18 November 2008, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Said Business School
Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HP

Mark Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Market Sentinel

Our meetings intend to provide a forum for rigorous research (in a broad range of disciplines) focusing on complex adaptive systems, using methods and techniques such as agent-based modelling and complex network analysis. Since potential areas of application for such approaches can be located across the social, natural and engineering sciences, our aim is to involve participants from a wide range of departments in Oxford. We welcome talks which focus on particular areas of application and associated technical issues, but also encourage contributions which address more fundamental conceptual or mathematical problems.

Abstract: The phenomenal growth in Social Media over the last few years has left many companies scratching their heads. Using case studies from clients like Cadbury, Avis and Intuit, Mark Rogers explains how techniques such as data mining and social network analysis can be used to identify a client's key stakeholders, monitor and benchmark consumer generated content and then provide the client with the tools to make changes to its products and service practices in response.

Market Sentinel was founded in September 2004 using the technology behind the popular website It won its first customers in the technology sectors and now operates in the UK, US and Europe, serving customers in areas like the automotive, pharmaceutical, internet, telecommunications and financial sectors. The company is privately held.

Mark Rogers, CEO of Market Sentinel, was previously co-founding commissioning editor BBC Online, cofounder Anywhere, founding director Openlot, Mallarkey.