OIPA Hilary Term 2018 Seminar Series: "Population ageing in countries that have experienced war, revolution, and economic transition"

Event Series

18 January 2018, 3:00pm 08 March 2018 - 4:30pm

In this series:

18 January 2018
"International comparison of the impacts of war, revolution, and economic transition on the elderly: China, Japan, Korea (North and South), and Russia’

25 January 2018
"The depopulation dividend in Japan: the impacts of population decline and ageing on society and the environment" with Dr Peter Matanle

01 February 2018
"Ageing in rural China: migration and care circulation" with Dr Jieyu Liu

22 February 2018
"The elderly in South Korea and North Korea during war and peace, and challenges posed by unification" with Prof Jay Lewis & Prof Christopher Davis

01 March 2018
"Health, well-being and the growing challenge of chronic disease: the case of elderly Russians ” with Prof Christopher Gerry

08 March 2018
"The role of population policies in addressing ageing in the BRICS countries" with Prof Asghar Zaidi