Oxford Martin School at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival 2019

Event Series

30 March 2019, 11:00am 07 April 2019 - 5:00pm

Books Credit Julia Banfield
© Julia Banfield

In this series:

30 March 2019
"On the future: prospects for humanity" with Lord Martin Rees

31 March 2019
Earthwatch Debate: "Food for thought: can veganism save the planet" with Charles Godfray and David Stanley

31 March 2019
"Is democracy and freedom threatened by technology" with Ian Goldin, Martin Moore and Jamie Susskind

31 March 2019
"Demography: a very short introduction" with Sarah Harper

02 April 2019
"National wealth: what is missing, why it matters" with Cameron Hepburn and Kirk Hamilton Chaired by Ian Goldin

03 April 2019
"Ethics, conflict and medical treatment for children" with Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu

04 April 2019
"It keeps me seeking: the invitation from science, philosophy and religion" with Prof Andrew Briggs

04 April 2019
"Clarity from chaos: making sense of our confusing times" with Ian Goldin

05 April 2019
"Dull disasters? How planning ahead will make a difference" with Prof Stefan Dercon