Seminar Series: IMI Hilary Term 2012

Event Series

18 January 2012, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

In this series:

18 January 2012
Seminar: Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva, "Remittances and the business cycle: a reliable relationship?"

25 January 2012
Seminar: Dr James Raymer, "Integrated modelling of European migration"

01 February 2012
Seminar: Prof John Knight, "Great expectations? Subjective well-being of rural-urban migrants in China"

08 February 2012
Seminar: Dr Georg Menz, "Non-state actors in European migration policy design"

15 February 2012
Seminar: Prof William Safran, "Diaspora: ambiguities and questions for research"

23 February 2012
Public Lecture: Prof Ronald Skeldon, "Beyond migration and development"

29 February 2012
Seminar: Sally Khallash, "International mobility of employees in multinational corporations"

07 March 2012
Seminar: Ayla Bonfiglio, "Global migration futures: perspectives in the Horn of Africa"