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Event Series

21 January 2016, 6:00pm 10 March 2016 - 7:30pm

In this series:

21 January 2016
'The impact of new technologies on healthcare research' with Prof Martin Landray

28 January 2016
'Nanotechnology: the big picture' with Dr Eric Drexler and Dr Sonia Trigueros

04 February 2016
'Mind machines - the promise and problems of cognitive enhancement devices' with Prof Roi Cohen Kadosh and Dr Hannah Maslen

11 February 2016
'The dawn of quantum technology' with Prof Simon Benjamin

18 February 2016
'Algorithms among us: machine learning and society' with Dr Michael Osborne

25 February 2016
'New and novel technologies for vaccine delivery' with Dr Christine Rollier

03 March 2016
'Driverless vehicles: navigating an autonomous future' with Dr Ingmar Posner

10 March 2016
'Predicting technological progress' with Prof Doyne Farmer