The economics of the COVID-19 pandemic

Event Series

16 July 2020, 4:00pm 13 October 2020 - 5:00pm

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This series is in conjunction with The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford and the Oxford Review of Economic Policy.

We will look at the economics of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on economic activity, employment, supply & demand, globalisation, trade, the developing countries, businesses and gender balance. How should recovery packages be designed? What are the implications for public finance? And, when the dust settles, what should we have done differently, and what should we do differently to prepare for next time?

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In this series:

16 July 2020
Prof Beata Javorcik & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Globalisation in the post-COVID world"

21 July 2020
Prof Colin Mayer, Sir Paul Collier & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Reforming the UK financial system to promote regional development in post-COVID Britain"

28 July 2020
Prof David Vines & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Global macroeconomic cooperation in response to the Covid-19 pandemic"

29 July 2020
Prof Chris Adam & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "After the lockdown: macroeconomic adjustment to the Covid-19 pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa"

16 September 2020
Prof Doyne Farmer, R. Maria del Rio-Chanona & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Supply and demand shocks in the COVID-19 pandemic: an industry and occupation perspective”

07 October 2020
Prof Sarah Smith & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Baby steps: the gender division of childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic"

13 October 2020
CANCELLED Prof Mariana Mazzucato & Prof Sir Charles Godfray in conversation: "The big failure of small government: COVID-19 and public sector capacity"

14 October 2020
Dr Julia Giese & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "A tale of two crises: COVID-19 and the financial system"