Biosymposium 2015: The Functions and Values of Biodiversity

Past Event

06 January 2015, 10:00am 07 January 2015 - 8:00pm

Department of Zoology
11a Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3SZ

This Biosymposium is organised by the Biodiversity Institute, an Oxford Martin Institute

“The more biodiversity the better” has long been a central tenet of environmental policy. Recently this has been challenged. By drawing together an interdisciplinary group of leading biodiversity scientists, conservationists, economists and philosophers, the aim of the meeting is to address the following questions: What is the evidence that biodiversity has “value”? In other words: how convinced are we by evidence that biodiversity is important for climate, food security, health, poverty alleviation and innovation? Does biodiversity provide ecosystem disservices as well as services? How good are our methods for quantifying value? How can research into ecosystem services better shape environmental policy? How far can and how far should economic approaches be used to solve the biodiversity crisis? Is there another way to assure widespread support for safeguarding nature?

Registration is now open, with early bird tickets available until December 1st

Confirmed Speakers

  • Neville Ash (IPBES)
  • Lykke Andersen (Institute for Advanced Development Studies – INESAD, Bolivia)
  • Mel Austin (Plymouth Marine Lab)
  • Nicky Beaumont (Plymouth Marine Lab)
  • Geoffry Bowker (University of California)
  • Bram Büscher (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
  • Chris Doughty (Oxford)
  • Charles Godfray, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food
  • Andrew Gonzalez (Mcgill)
  • Hanna Griffiths(Lancaster)
  • Andrew Hector (Oxford)
  • Dieter Helm (Economics, Oxford)
  • Forest Isbell (University of Georgia)
  • Paul Jepson (Oxford)
  • Timothy Lenton (Exeter)
  • Michel Loreau (CNRS, France)
  • Georgina Mace (UCL)
  • Bob May (Oxford)
  • George Monbiot
  • Arne Mooers (Simon Fraser University)
  • Camilo Mora (University of Hawaii)
  • Arthur Mugisha (IUCN, Uganda)
  • Alex Pigot (Groningen/Oxford)
  • Graham Pilling (Secretariat of the Pacific Community, New Caledonia)
  • Drew Purves (CEES, Cambridge)
  • Dilys Roe (IIED)
  • Terry Sunderland (CIFOR)
  • Joseph Tobias (Oxford)
  • Lindsay Turnbull (Plants, Oxford)
  • Sybille van der Hove (ICTA, University of Barcelona)

The symposium will have nine sessions. To see the session please follow this link:

Registration Fees

  • Early Bird Registration (available to 1st December 2014) - £75.00
  • Standard Registration (from 2nd December 2014) - £100.00
  • BCM Alumni/Student - £30.00

The price includes registration fee, coffees, lunch and drinks reception.