"Employability and older workers in England" by Brian Beach

Past Event

31 October 2012, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Wolsey Hall
66 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 6PR

This seminar series is hosted by the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, an Oxford Martin School Institute

Speaker: Brian Beach, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Biography: Prior to joining the Oxford Institute of Ageing, Brian worked for three years in the Office of International Affairs at AARP in Washington, DC. There, he helped organise a number of international dialogues and conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia to address the opportunities and challenges of global ageing. His work included fostering AARP's on-going collaboration with the United Nations, developing the annual Briefing Series on Global Aging during the Commission for Social Development along with events to commemorate the International Day of Older Persons. He also conducted outreach among the diplomatic and research communities as well as research on the mature workforce and age diversity, assisting the development of the International Innovative Employer Awards.

Convenor: Kenneth Howse, James Martin Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Population Ageing

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