"Future of city-regions" by Dr Igor Calzada

Past Event

23 May 2012, 12:30pm - 2:30pm


This Pot-luck seminar is hosted by the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities

Speaker: Dr Igor Calzada, Research Associate, Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities

Biography: Igor holds a PostDoctoral Research Fellow position at the Basque Foundation for Science, Ikerbasque and he is currently Lecturer and Senior Researcher at the University of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, a part of the Mondragon Co-operative Corporation Group based in the Basque Country, Spain.

Seminar topic: 'Future of City-Regions" which is an urban competitiveness model and one of the key outputs of his doctoral research that was based on the integration of four systems: URBS, CYBER, CIVITAS and POLIS. This follows the completion of his book and PhD, a case study of the spatial and political configuration of the Basque Country into a City-Region. He draws on theories of territoriality and network-formation to offer a comparative analysis of the Basque Country, Dublin (Ireland) and Portland (Oregon, USA).

The meeting will start with a one hour seminar followed by a one hour potluck lunch. To contribute to the potluck, if you can, just bring along a dish representing your country/culture, or something easy you would like to share with the rest of the group. Drinks will be provided.

Venue: 64 Banbury Road, Oxford