Future of Cities Potluck Seminar Series: "Urban feast"

Event Series

28 March 2012, 12:30pm 24 April 2013 - 2:30pm

In this series:

28 March 2012
Seminar: Dr Ben Gidley, "Global migration and the future of the right to the city: on the changing face of the European metropolis"

25 April 2012
"The global politics of the global city: preliminary thoughts on some waste(d) connections" by Dr Michele Acuto

23 May 2012
"Future of city-regions" by Dr Igor Calzada

27 June 2012
"'The politics of law and order': The case of a marginalised council estate" by Insa Koch

28 November 2012
Urban Feast: Future of Cities brown bag seminar by Martin Lundsteen

23 January 2013
“Making and un-making place: What the grievances of ‘entrenched’ rough sleepers can tell us about causes of homelessness” by Dr Chantal Butchinsky

27 February 2013
"The making of a cosmopolitan Muslim place in Bangkok" by Dr Riyad Mustafa

24 April 2013
“Beyond noir urbanism: Gated communities, urban edge politics and epistemologies of hope” by Dr Pow Choon Piew

29 May 2013
"Identity as a key concept: Addressing narratives of participation in poor neighbourhoods" by Simón Escoffier