"Giants in the mist: The ecophysiology, land-sea interface, and climate change connections for California Redwoods" by Dr Todd Dawson

Past Event

21 November 2013, 5:15pm - 6:45pm

School of Geography and Environment
South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QY

This seminar is organised by the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests, an Oxford Martin
School Centre

Speaker: Dr Todd Dawson, Distinguished Professor of Plant ecology and Physiology, UC Berkeley

Summary: California’s coast redwood was once widespread throughout the world but as global climate changed its ecological range contracted to a narrow band at the land-sea interface defined by cool temperatures, ample winter rainfall and summers with fog. These conditions have influenced many of the unique ecological and physiology adaptations in redwood trees. Today the climatic conditions at the land-sea interface are changing rapidly and are challenging redwoods in ways they have never seen in their long history. In this context I will highlight some of the important characteristics that define redwood ecology and physiology and their connection to both current climate and climate change.

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